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Imagine a wood-paneled Irish pub on a Friday night.  A fire is roaring in the stone hearth.  Laughter and animated conversations abound and the Guinness is flowing.  The band begins to play and soon feet are tapping and voices are raised in song.  The craic is mighty tonight!  


(“Craic”, pronounced “crack”, is an Irish expression for conviviality, merriment, fun, enjoyment, abandonment, or lighthearted mischief; often in the context of drinking and music.)


The band Rare Ould Times, based in Falmouth on Cape Cod but playing throughout New England, makes this vision come alive.  We bring the Irish pub experience to you.  Rare Ould Times plays traditional and contemporary Irish pub favorites, including well-loved ballads, rousing rebel songs, sea shanties, lively tunes, and the like.  Beyond this, the band’s extensive repertoire includes crowd-pleasing songs from many genres.


Rare Ould Times takes great pride in producing music of exceptionally high quality at the appropriate volume level.  Rare Ould Times has state of the art sound systems that are scalable to suit venues ranging from a living room to a pub or restaurant to a clubhouse and up to an auditorium.   The band, too, is scalable to suit the occasion and the venue.  Most often we perform as a trio, but we are available as a duo or, with guest musicians with whom we often work, as a group of up to six musicians.

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